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Are you still trying to optimize online advertising campaigns to get results from over-saturated channels?


Do you find it almost impossible to scale your media mix on social and SEM?

Are you tired of not seeing a profitable return on your advertising investments?

As you scale your spending, does it get too expensive?

Are you increasing your media budget, but still suffer from limited reach?

When your client depends on your ad campaign, but you've hit a wall, is there a lack of proper customer support from your chosen platform? (Unless you’re spending an astronomical amount of money per month on the platform, of course)

The advertising world is getting more crowded as more businesses make an entrance, with

of marketers claiming that paid advertising is “extremely important” to their business.




You are trying to build brand awareness, generate more traffic, gain leads, or sell more products - but it’s getting harder and harder to compete with big companies pouring money into their ad spend. 



Increase spending, even though your margin hasn’t gone up, and ROI is lowering. 

Keep coming up with new creatives almost daily while battling high-quality designs.

Continue optimizing your campaigns to fight off frequency saturation.

Find hacks to boost your relevant audience reach.

And let’s not forget... nearly annoying your customers with intrusive ads to get their attention. 

That’s where a lot of Taboola advertisers used to be.

Before Taboola, our partners were spending their advertising budgets on Facebook, YouTube, or SEM while studying articles on optimizing their campaigns and feeling like they were at fault when results were staggering. But it wasn’t their fault, and it isn’t yours, either.

You were told to set up your campaigns for Facebook, YouTube, or Google Search to reach the masses.. And that it’s true. You can also “start your campaign minutes” on these platforms. 

But…Those channels are highly saturated. People are tired of seeing intrusive ads in the middle of their content. 

The pricing war over for the limited exposure these platforms give you can drain your media budget faster than you can make a sale. 

It’s hard to let go of old habits and beliefs. It’s even harder to decide it’s time to start over on a new ad platform.

Once advertisers begin spending their first dollars on native advertising, they start shifting their media budgets quickly as the results roll in.

The hardest part of moving to native advertising is understanding you could’ve done it sooner.


Look After My Bills, an auto-switching service dedicated to making energy bills better for consumers, was able to gain 10,000 new memberships in just nine months. The use of Taboola’s attentive audiences reduced CPA by 60%, while the use of a CTA button reduced their CPA by 22%. Look After My Bills uses Taboola to reach relevant consumers across premium publisher sites.

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Naked Wines, a customer-funded wine business that connects consumers with wines from independent winemakers at a discount, drove 8,000 new signups in the UK, US and Australia in just 8 months with a 33% higher LTV than is typical for Naked Wines. Taboola Customers Have a 33% higher lifetime value than average Naked Wines customers. 

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Can you imagine how amazing it feels to look at your campaign performance and see a



Increase in CPR?

Or check your campaign reports and realize your CPA is down by 50%?
If you’re a business owner, you know what impact these metrics make. If you're an agency owner, you know your clients will never leave you after these results.
If you are tired of reading article after article telling you how to “strategically” optimize your ads and still not seeing results, it’s time to try something new.

Native Advertising to the Rescue

Native Advertising is an ad format that blends naturally into the page’s content. It’s design is cohesive and consistent with the platform behavior, making the user feel like it’s not an ad, but part of the content. 

Native ads appear as part of the website to enrich the user experience, creating a more seamless encounter and making the reader more likely to positively react to your ads and products.


Publisher Homepage

The most impactful option for brand awareness and thought leadership campaigns. Prominent homepage placements generate premium CPCs for publishers and enable advertisers to build trust with audiences through association with the day’s leading editorial headlines.

Mid Article

Maximize the value of transient visitors by engaging their curiosity before they click away or return to their social feed. Especially powerful on mobile, mid-article units enable brands to achieve full-screen exposure and publishers to monetize a greater portion of their traffic (through higher viewability rates).

Below Article

Recommended for performance advertisers, below-article placements reach audiences at a highly-valuable moment when they have just finished consuming a piece of content and are open to discovering something new. These users report higher post-click engagement than any other referral source (incl. search and social).

Native advertising looks natural and improves the user experience. That’s why some of the biggest and most trusted websites in the world have embeded native ads into their platforms.

Native Advertising Doesn’t Interrupt People, It Enriches Their Experience.

The most popular forms of digital advertising today force ads on the user by interrupting them when they are most engaged and focused, disregarding the user experience or how it may cause the user to feel toward your ad and brand.

Think about clicking on a YouTube video you want to watch. You’re excited for the video to play, and an ad pops up. Now you have to wait for the ad to finish, or sadly stare at the timer counting backwards until you can finally click on “Skip ad.” Not to mention, that mid-video ad when a user is most focused on the actual video they wanted to watch.

Think about scrolling your social media feed. You're enjoying your friends' content, seeing pictures of the people you love, or seeing what your family is up to. Suddenly, an ad appears on your feed, and you don't know how it got there. 

On the other hand, think about people seeing your display ad on a low-trust, questionable site. You worked hard to nail the product, branding, and positioning, only for the ad to be faintly glanced at and skipped over.

All these create bad experiences for your users when engaging with YOUR brand.

Made us not depend on Facebook for quality traffic


It's been a great addition to our paid media mix

Runner Agency

It (Using Taboola) made me aware of another form of advertising outside of Facebook and Google

Emask Houston

Putting Your Product Places People Trust

Without verification of the content circulating on social media, people will always be suspicious of what they read when scrolling. With Taboola, your native ads appear on some of the world’s most popular and trusted websites.

You worked hard to build your brand -- align it with the internet’s best. Imagine your audience seeing your ads regularly on sites such as NBC, Fox, and Bloomberg.

Native advertising helps you build better brand perception.


Do you want to seeyour brand’s name on over 9K+ publishers who bring in 500 million daily active users worldwide?


Do you want to take a serious step in lowering CAC, CPM and improving your acquisition efforts? 


Do you want to reach new audiences that are eager and interested in downloading your app, reading your blog, or buying your product?


With Taboola, you get access to thousands of premium websites all over the world.

Receive quality & engaged traffic to your website, blog, articles, apps, and more.

Stop spending your ad money where your competitors are tiring your audience. Unlock new traffic and revenue channels for your business with Taboola.
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